19 Ingenious Life Hacks That’ll Have You Saying “Why Didn’t I Know About This Sooner?”

The Internet is full of useful and unuseful stuff to scroll further on.

This article is definitely a one you must read if you want to use many tricks that could be of enormous use around the house especially.

You would be amazed just how easily stuff could be repaired, or re-used.

1. To prevent mixing your earbuds and trying to figure out which one goes in which ear – just put different colors of silicones on each of them!

2. If you need more working space in the kitchen – just pull a drawer out and place a wooden board on top of it, and it will be your cutting board, while you can use the rest of the space for other gadgets

3. You can store leftover pasta sauce without any mess – just pour it into muffin pans and freeze it like that – you can defrost the exact amount you need and won’t ever have to throw away the sauce as well!

3. If your shower curtain isn’t the right size, don’t buy a new one, but extend it with more curtain rings!

5. If you need more space in the fridge, you can store your groceries in bags, using a binder clip, as showed in the picture below

6. A wine corkscrew can help removing leftover screws in the wall or some other hard surface

7. You can store the lids from the pots, with a simple trick of installing command hooks in the right distance, measured by the size of the lids

8. You can crack open a tennis ball and make it a holder for practically anything! Adding google eyes can be even extra fun and creative

9. When you need to hang something on the wall with two nails, use masking tape to get the alignment right

10. Cut a plastic soda bottle and use it as protection while cooking in boiling oil, as shown in the picture below

11. If you need to top up the engine oil but don’t have a funnel with you, use a screwdriver or something similar and let the oil run down on it

12. If you just can’t seem to find the right size of the wrench, stick an extra coin and move along with your work, as shown in the picture below

13. Try this “shower recipe” if you just can’t get rid of a cold or a running or a stuffy nose

14. Tie the pens in your pencil case with a rubber band to organize your bag better. You can either tie those you don’t use often, or the other way around

15. Use a funnel as a tool to pit cherries

16. if you’re travelling abroad, instead of buying an adapter for each device, it’s smarter to just bring a regular power strip and a single adapter!

17. Divide the ground meat in separate freezer bags and flatten them out. This will save space in the freezer and help you defrosting the right amount of meat you need for a meal instead of defrosting the whole bunch, and frosting it again, which is extremely unhealthy.

18. Here’s how you can open a beer bottle without an opener. And single handedly!

19. If your Tupperware keeps rattling around in the dishwasher every single time – use the dish rack upside down, to prevent it