5 Plants That Will Make You Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

As global warming and its consequences are seriously taking over Earth, summer heat is definitely becoming an unbearable thing for us humans.

Staying at home and avoiding the high temperatures and UV rays is something we all did this summer. And thank you science for air conditioners!

However, electricity bills went up, not slightly, but much more than usual! And on the other hand, stiff neck and stuffed nose in the middle of the summer are the consequences of air conditioning.

Except running away in the mountains during the heat, is there a possible healthy and cheap solution to stay indoors?

In today’s article I have a money-saving and at the same time, house-decorating solution for this problem. It’s PLANTS. The greener, the better.

Having plants in the house can bring up positivity and take away the depression, brighten-up the place and the boring walls around you, create a healthier environment with an increased level of oxygen and keep you away from being bored, because you would have to take care and water those plants to survive.

These plants not only produce higher amounts of oxygen, but also keep the house cool! Cool is the exact term for these plants indeed!

Aloe Vera

Besides the medicinal properties, this plant can keep your home cool, and on the plus side – it is not a plant that acquires a lot of care and water such as flower plants. Also, Aloe Vera has the ability to remove formaldehyde from the air!

Snake Plant

Alias, mother-in-law’s tongue comes in many variations, taller and smaller, wider, white or yellow shaded… all of they are excellent oxygen producers and are recommended to keep in the room where you sleep, but also, they keep the place cool.

Areca Palm tree

This plant is famous for removing carbon dioxide from the environment, and also, other air toxins. But it is also proven to have potent humidifying properties.

The Boston Fern

Boston ferns are typically attractive, with long, graceful fronds bedecked with tiny leaves. It is a relatively tough fern, with a higher tolerance for light than other species. Along these qualities it is also a potent natural humidifier and purifier of the air.

Ficus tree

Or called the Weeping Fig is powerful in removing toxins from the air indoors, and remove the oxygen levels. It only acquires bright areas with a lot of light!

So, for next summer, think about buying some of these plants and just compare the electricity bill with the ones from this summer. You will be amazed!