7 Mornings Away From The Perfect Relationship -a Challenge !

Would you like to improve your relationship in Only 7 Days? You can start by implementing some small things, that could easily become habits for you and your partner.

Here is my personal 7 Day Relationship Challenge you can both decide to take to make some improvements in your relationship and give it a romantic boost.

Are you in?

This challenge came up in my head from one simple though – me and my husband live together for about a year, and have dated previously for more than 5 years.

But, living together can easily become a habit and you will stop acting like loved ones, but more like roommates and friends, most of the time.

You wake up, have a coffee and some fruits, you shower, dress up and run out, coming back in the afternoon and have already drained like 70%-80% of your total life energy for the day.

I thought to myself – what can I do to make things around the house more romantic? How can I spice it up a little bit, so that even love making becomes more like what we were doing in the beginning of our relationship?

I started doing a small gesture, a sign of love and affection every single morning. I thought it is better in the morning, to keep his mind curious and his heart beating throughout the whole day. Maybe something would change in the evening as well… and I wasn’t wrong!

Here is my advice list to you, day by day:

Monday – cuddle for a few minutes and don’t mind the clock, hug your partner and kiss them on the neck or the forehead, wishing them a nice day with a pleasant significant smile and look on your face.

Tuesday – get up earlier, sacrifice a few minutes from your sleep and make breakfast for both of you. Even if they don’t have the time or appetite, pack it and send your “love in a box”.

Wednesday – before they go out to work or before you leave the house, kiss them passionately and let them know where you want to continue when you come back later that day…

Thursday – put a love, smiley note on the fridge and wait for your partner to come back to bed and kiss you goodbye

Friday – during your partner’s trip to work, send them a message where you spontaneously ask them out or very tricky invite them to do something for dinner. Make this message sound funny and make your partner unable for them to say no to your plans!

Saturday  After you wake up, ask your partner to stay in bed and to wait for you to invite them to the kitchen.then go inside and prepare your magic, and your magic should be they favorite things, from eating to drinking and serving.

Sunday – wake up earlier than your partner and give them a thrilling erotic massage. Enjoy yourselves in the quietest hour of the early morning, before you start you plans for the free day. 

Happiness is a free thing, and doing these small things doesn’t cost any money, but it is barely a matter of sacrificing few minutes from your personal time, to devote to your loving partner.