A Teenager Committed Suicide After Being Called “Dirty” By Her Own Teacher !

The police in  Kenya opened an investigation. The reason you’re about to read is clearly “not a big deal”. But for a young girl, and in the society of Kenya, it clearly is.

A 14 year old girl from Kenya took her own life just recently. Apparently, the motive was mocking. And nevertheless – by her own teacher!

She just started her period and instead of getting support and compassion, or some advice for help, because she was obviously bleeding and it was seen from her uniform – her teacher mocked her in front of the whole class, as it was her fold for being careless to not wear a pad in her period.

She didn’t even had the time or chance to explain herself before being terribly mocked and ashamed for something that comes very natural.

Kenya has implemented a Basic Education Act back in 2017, mandating that pads should be distributed to female students across the schools in the country, but, nothing works perfect in reality and some institutions have been skipped over.

As was the school of the young daughter of Beatrice Koech, the grieving mother, who told the story to the police, the local newspapers and media and demands justice for this.

Her daughter was called “dirty” by her teacher, and even more, kicked out of class! First of all, she demands for the teacher to stop with his work, because clearly she lacks support and basic human abilities of compassion. Afterwards she demands a trial.

A high school student in Kenya killed herself last week after her teacher shamed her for bleeding through her school uniform when she was on her period. Now parents and lawmakers are demanding answers.

“She had nothing to use as a pad,” Koech told the newspaper. “When the blood stained her clothes, she was told to leave the classroom and stand outside.”

After this, the poor girl immediately ran to home, told her mother what happened, went in her room and killed herself. After the body was examined in the city hospital, it was concluded that she polluted herself with sleeping pills.

The struggles of females with accessing products that should be used for personal hygiene and menstruation are limited not only in the schools, but they are a huge problem in the whole country.

Unfortunately, something terrible must happen first for society to open their eyes and arms of generosity.

One Dollar for Life, a humanitarian organization stationed in Nairobi, Kenya, has ramped out to outreach the girl’s death, promising and distributing over 10,000 reusable pad kits.

These kits also contain useful information about female hygiene and biology – to make the girls understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when they get their period and that it is a completely natural and normal process.

The kits will also have self-defense advices for females, as rape is among the highest crimes in this country.