Feng Shui Plants For Positivity, Health and Wealth !

Matter is simply energy in low vibration, which is what makes matter visible and firm, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Thus, all form of nature have their own energetic vibrating field, which can bring positivity or negativity and attract those kind of forces.

According to the science of Feng Shui, the ancient practice of observing how the placement of the objects around us effect the energy flow in the environment and on us suggests that we should be surrounded by plants and natural elements in our closed houses as much as we can!

According to a study that was actually sponsored by NASA, named “The Clear Air Study”, here are the most beneficial and high energy vibrating plants that you should definitely keep indoors!


They are impressive, they grow big and have beautiful small leaves, that make them look fluffy and fizzy. They are especially good at eliminating xylene from the environment, which can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness.


Breathing the scent of rosemary can improve focus and concentration and is absolutely needed in office spaces and teacher’s cabinets for this purpose.  It is also used as a culinary herb and goes excellent with certain types of white fish, combined with parsley and lemon.

Peace Lily

This is the absolute plant that generates positive vibes in the environment. You can conclude this fact just by looking at it and admiring it’s pure form and amazing flowers, that can last even for few months! It is a plant that grows well in dark areas.


Or referred to as “Lucky Bamboo” is the actual symbol of prosperity and good fortune, thus, positive energy in total, considered by the Asian culture. This plant is very easy to take care of, because it leaves in water and you’ll never forget to water it, and also, it doesn’t acquire a lot of sunlight and it doesn’t grow big in a short amount of time.


The flowers of orchids are definitely something outside from this world! But their thick green leaves also release oxygen during the night time, so they are excellent to keep around in the room where you sleep. Just a quick sniff at the flower of an Orchid blooming can improve the person’s mood in no time!


There are many variations of Ficus trees and even Ficus Bonsais and they are indoor plants because they are the absolute oxygen creators and air purifiers.


Or also known as “The Money Tree” brings positivity and prosperity, especially in the field of materialist possessions and finance of the individuals of the house which is kept inside. It is a plant that’s hard to kill as well, because it doesn’t wither if you forget to water it frequently.

English Ivy

This plant is excellent in removing formaldehyde from the air, and it is also very “chic” detail in your living room, because you can groom it in a lot of different ways.

Citrus Trees

They became very popular “DIY” trees, because you can grow them in less than a year from a seed from a citrus plant, such as lemon, mandarin orange, orange… fruit baring plants in the Feng Shui bring health and abundance.

African Violet

This plant has mesmerizing flowers with rich color and it is believed to bring wealth in the household. In Feng Shui, the petals of this flower actually resemble coins and that’s why it is believed that this plant brings wealth in the home.