Getting Stabbed With a Pencil Can Literally Scar You For Life !

Remember back in school, when you used to do all kinds of stupid things, just to get attention, and just to be different than others?

Every generation had its own mark of awkward jokes and pricks, however, some of them remain timeless. Like stabbing with pencils to get tattoos without needles to be included in the painful process.

It’s amazing though how most of the cases with pencil tattoos still haven’t fainted out or lost their mark, even though many years have passed since those days. Some people claim to have their “graphite tattoos” for more than 30 years!

Does that mean getting stabbed with a pencil can “scar you for life”?

According to a dermatologist and an associate professor at the Mount Sinai Hospital located in New York, “pencil tattoos” are pretty accurate and closest thing to a permanent tattoo you can get.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar stated “My cousin stabbed me with a pencil when I was 8 years old and I still have a mark, though now I’m 45”.

And what’s the reason?

“Pencil stabbing leaves graphite particles in the dermis layer of the skin. That’s the layer just below the outer epidermis layer”, he explains.

To be more specific, the pencil leaves particles in the second layer of skin called dermis, that is right below the first layer of skin, called epidermis. Normal scratches, bruises and sunburns don’t easily get to the dermis.

Luckily that graphite is a substance that doesn’t harm or intoxicate the human organism, because it is actually a mineral that is a variation of carbon, found in free form in the nature.

The only potential risk you can get from this was normally, the risk of getting hurt by the actual stabbing from the sharp object, depending on the force used.

On the other hand, pencils are dirty objects, that touch paper and many other things around in the classroom and at home, maybe even walls, so getting an infection is pretty normal, though, it is not serious nor deadly.

As any other tattoo, the pencil stabbing mark can also be removed with a laser treatment, but it will surely be visible forever, though it might fade away just a little bit…

Like a regular tattoo, a pencil tattoo will fade a bit over time, but it can still be noticeable for decades.