Great Trick To Expand Your Tight Shoes

Tight shoes are every woman’s problem, especially those women like me: with wide feet!

Anyhow, recently I read an article that showed a trick how to expand those tiny things. This trick is the best for leather shoes, and there is no need for repeating the procedure, while on artificial leather you will have to do the procedure again after a certain period of time.

What you’ll need is two plastic bags with zip-lock, and fill quarter of the bags with water and then place them inside the shoes. When you do this, put the shoes in the freezer.

When the water freezes, take the shoes out, and let them sit for about twenty minutes, allowing the ice to melt. Then, remove the bags from the shoes and dry them using a hairdryer.

This tricks works awesome for me and in fact it can expand the shoes up to a whole shoe size!