If You Ever Sit On The Toilet For 15 Minutes, This Is What It’s Doing To Your Body

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When you get  the urge, you go to the potty. If you don’t get the urge, do you still go just to hang out?

Basically, our bodies perform peristalsis .

Peristalsis consists ofcontractions that move things through our digestive tract until, you know.

If you end up holding the poop, it can cause reverse peristalsis, sending it back to the colon and allowing it to harden, making you constipated.

If you’re on the toilet for too long, you’re pretty much making it more of a leisure activity as opposed to a time for pooping.

Your body recognizes this.

Even worse, if you’re on the toilet for too long because you’re forcing it out, then you could get HEMORRHOIDS from the stress. Let it come out on its own…

You don’t need to sit and force it for 15 minutes.If you do, You should probably get morefiber into that diet!