“Actions speak louder than words”. And this goes for anything in life, relationships mostly. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t matter what you, or your partner says.

Sometimes, by the expressions and words we can figure out with what kind of person we’re dealing with, without the need to wait for any further action. 

Communication and trust are the key to every relationship. And bad communication is a really significant sign you shouldn’t ignore. Ever.

You deserve to be with someone who treats you equal as him, who doesn’t yell at you, who doesn’t make you feel bad and who doesn’t find you guilty in every single fight you two have…

Here are a few things that you shouldn’t ever tolerate, especially from your man.

1. “if you loved me, then you would…”

This is a classic school example of conditioning. And true love should be unconditional, right? This can also be considered as a form of emotional manipulation and gameplay of getting you do what he wants.

2. “Why can’t you be more like her”

Comparing isn’t a healthy sign of a relationship, with family, with friends, or with your partner. Comparing means not being satisfied with what you currently have – that’s why you’re constantly looking at other couples and desiring what they have. And if he’s saying this phrase and adding that you should be more like his ex – that’s the final straw and you need to break up immediately.

3. “you’re being overdramatic…again”

Every time you get emotional, jealous, stressful because of work, compulsive about your PMS… as a good partner, he should be trying to show you a better perspective of what’s going on at the moment and cheer you up! He should be taking your opinions and feelings more seriously…

4. “Why are you so stupid?!”

This is so frustrating and humiliating, you shouldn’t tolerate it from anyone, especially your partner. If you make a mistake and he immediately yells at you, even calling you names – you should definitely leave a person that’s treating you like this. Humans make mistakes, and good partners show support and talk it out.

5. “Can you just shut up?”

In an equal relationship, you should always speak your mind and be able to talk things through. That’s what normal people do to reach an understanding. If your partner shuts you up, especially in a quarrel, especially when you’re making a point to resolve some issues, this type of person doesn’t want to grow up, face his own actions and clearly doesn’t want to talk things through. Can you imagine living and raising a family with this type of person?

6. “You sound exactly like your mother”

Again, this is a classic example of manipulation. He knows that you probably disagree with a lot of things your mother says and her lifestyle, so he’s using it against you. Also, this shows just how little (or not at all!) he respects your family. You couldn’t possibly be in a serious relationship with this kind of a person. Toughen up and break up!

7. “You should just stay at home, where you belong”

I believe this is a phrase we shouldn’t even discuss. You shouldn’t be afraid to go out with your friends, stay later than you  thought you would. Don’t settle for a partner who wants to suppress your lifestyle, goals and ambitions.

Have you ever had this type of a partner before? Or are you still struggling with him? Tell us your experiences and be helpful for someone else reading this.