Meet The “Kissing Bug”

According to the most recent findings, a very dangerous bug has been reported to be “stalking and haunting” the homes in the southern regions of the States.

This information has been published just yesterday, by the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

You should check you cracked holes immediately, as these bugs are most often found in cracked holes, irrelevant, it could be outdoors or even indoors.

  • Beneath the house porches
  • Between rocks and rocky structures
  • Under concrete
  • In outdoor dog houses
  • In chicken coops
  • In rock, wood, brush piles, or beneath bark
  • In rodent nests
  • Inside animal burrows

This bug is known as the triatomine bug — or less informally the “kissing bug”. And why is it so harmful? Because it can be the carrier of a Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, which causes Chagas disease and it can be deadly to us humans.

This parasite is most regularly found in the southern states of South America and Mexico.

These tiny insects feed on human blood, much alike the mosquitos. But you will know you’ve been bitten by a “kissing bug” because it is familiar to attacking the face of humans.

And here is where the danger lies – us humans can only get the Chagas disease if the feces from the bug get rubbed into the bite wound, or enter through the mouth or the eyes, or even the ears, as one of the most exposed parts of our bodies. 

And the bites from a “kissing bug” feel really scratchy, so you mustn’t scratch if you feel itchiness!

You wouldn’t feel sick and have symptoms immediately, what makes the Chagas disease even worse. And on the other hand, it is proven to cause heart disease to 30% of the all reported cases who were infected.

Here are a few tips on how to keep away these disgusting bugs from you, your house and your yard:

  • Seal the cracks you haven’t sealed, especially around the windows and the doors
  • If you have wooden or rock piles lying around the yard – get rid of them immediately
  • Make sure the lights in your yard are as further possible from your house
  • I am sorry, but don’t let your pets sleep inside the house
  • Use screens on your doors and windows