Plants That Can Help Get Rid of Mold Around Your House !

The existence of humans separated from the nature is unthinkable.

Co-habitation of animals, humans and plants is how the Earth created the living environment.

And there is a saying that actually we are not the ones who take care of plants, but plants take care of us, giving us oxygen and other conditions for living.

Did you know that there are certain plants who can help getting rid of mold and humidity in your home?

Here is a list!

Snake Plant

Or commonly known as “mother in law’s tongue” is proven to remove nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde and mold spores from the air. No wonder it is recommended to put this plant inside your bedroom!

English Ivy

This gracious plant can significantly reduce the concentration of bacteria and chemicals and toxins from the air in a very fast period of time. It is also awesome that the plant acquires shady area to grow, thus, it can prevent the indoor mold spores for more than 60%!


This is a type of palm tree, that grows from small, to medium and high species, because there are more than 40 species of Dracaena known to us. The most useful one for reducing indoor mold is called Janet Craig.


Certain other varieties of palm trees can also reduce the presence of indoor airborne mold.

Boston Fern

This very popular decorative plant is also highly efficient in purifying the air. They are also efficient in reducing formaldehyde and mold spores indoors.