She Put Onion Piece In The Ear Before Going To Bed, And Something Unexpected Happened The Next Morning!

During winter, we often get colds or flu, and reach for medications to treat the symptoms. But there are many other natural solutions to fight flu or cold, which are even more effective.

A small piece of onion in the sock or the ear can fight numerous diseases which occur in winter or autumn, when the temperatures are constantly changing, which results in increased concentration of viruses and microbes.

These are the few benefits of using onion to fight health conditions.

1. Cough remedy: It smells a bit, yes, but it works better than syrup.

2. Fever remedy: If your kids are prone to colds, put a few slices of onion in their socks along with apple cider vinegar.

3. Fight symptoms of cold: Eat the onion fresh of make a tea from it. It will relieve cold symptoms in couple of hours.

4. Relieves ear pain: Ear pain can be caused by an infection. To treat it, cut the middle part of the onion, put it in the ear and let it act for couple of hours. The anti-inflammatory properties will soften the accumulated ear wax, so you`ll be able to clean it easily. For maximum benefits, leave the onion during the whole night.