Tips For The Bedroom Shared From Happy Couples !

Intimacy and love making is a huge part of a stabile and healthy, long-term relationship.

Here are some advices what you should actually DO in the bedroom, and not just read and remember, shared by happy couples in an interview for a daily magazine.


Happy couples both initiate intimate relations. Still, it’s the “world of future”, and women shouldn’t always cook and do the laundry, as well as men shouldn’t always be the ones “knocking on the doors” for love-making. This thing evens-up the roles in the relationship, takes the pressure off and it is also good for communication – everyone should ask and speak for what they want in a relationship, instead of waiting for the other side to simply read their mind!


It is hard to be curious after being together with just that one person for a long time. However, happy couples create a deep intimate bond by learning what gets their partner’s mood on, on both physical and mental level. You should invest time and effort on this field to keep the sparkle.

Daily reminders

You’re in the office, or in the bus…and you get a “dirty” text or a funny intimate meme on your phone. You smile immediately, right? All the small things you both do outside of the bedroom, and when you’re both not together –  are a foreplay to get your partner in the mood for later. It’s basic strategic planning! 


Is the key to staying together. Who wants to be a constant support for their partner, every single day, convincing something just to be asked the same thing the other day? Always be aware of what you bring on the table. Not every apple has the perfect shape, but it is the taste that matters, right?

Wear less

When going in bed, don’t wear pajamas and socks, and definitely don’t bring your mobile in the bedroom! Let yourself be the distraction from everything else that could come to your partner’s mind.


Being a couple means giving up and sacrificing a lot of things from yourself. A great relationship and a great love-making ritual are all about selflessness. Otherwise, jealousy could step in the way, making room for resentment and not giving to the partner what they want as well, if the things are only one-sided all the time.

Keep it spicy

Roleplay,  lingerie, wearing eye-glasses, pretending, seducing, even trying out some things from a shop is always welcomed. Of course, if you’re BOTH into it.

Stay connected

Have less distractions in life, such as overusing social media, being integrated in too many daily routines, and even though you are a very busy person – cancel some plans for the sake of your relationship. It is a huge turn-on for the other side!


Even though you know you’re both going to end up in the same bed and the same shower afterward, flirt with your partner when you’re out. Flirt even at home! Because flirting keeps the fire burning and allows the sensual energy to simmer in-between the act.

Stay a team

Once you’ve gone down the road in a committed relationship, don’t ever turn your back on your partner. There might be times they’re having difficulty to get turned on, be nervous and not in the mood, struggle with unexpressed feelings… Don’t be the type that gets mad and stubborn – be the type who will understand and talk it out. In a team, both sides are need to function.